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ORDERBOOK from Smartview360

Your new partner for you digital sales success.


Order Book is a state-of-the-art B2B solution for Digital Representation, pre- & direct ordering, supported by a fully integrated backend with CMS, manageable by the Brand Manager. Easy to use & build up from the customer perspective, facilitating a more customer focused meeting
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B2B Connect from Smartview360

The big stage for your Brand at 15,000 retailers

With B2B Connect, we present your brand directly to over 15,000 retailers and offer you a unique opportunity to attract new retailers - simply, digitally and in tune with the times.

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Designs for Facebook & Instagram influen

Some of our over 200 customers


Our three top tools


With Orderbook from Smartview360 you will experience a revolutionary way to present collections, record orders and work with customers.
Whether together on site or remotely from computer to computer.



  • Digital product catalog

  • Virtual showroom

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Easy and quick to connect to existing ERP systems


Customers speak more than a thousand of our words - Katjuschka from Blutsgeschwister about Orderbook:


B2B Connect

Discover our new B2B Connect tool and present yourself to over 15,000 retailers and buyers. Every time you log in, new sales contacts receive a teaser about your latest collections and can then apply to become a dealer at the push of a button.

Our established brands also use B2B Connect to trigger dozens of new dealer inquiries every month and to broaden their sales in the long term.


  • Digital stage for brands and products

  • Over 15,000 active traders

  • Simple application and approval process for retailers and brands

Numbers don't lie


Brands and manufacturers


Sales employees and agents


Retailers and buyers

1.625 billion €

retail value

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